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Chameleon Hydration System - Drip and Clear Cup

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Introducing the Chameleon Hydration System. Created after years of testing and experience with chameleon care. Leave the guess work out of your chameleons’ hydration with this dual action watering method. Includes one Ice Cube Dripper and one Big Droplet Water Station and 3 reusable cups. 

No unreliable drip valves required.

No messy wires for pumps and tubing misting systems.

No timers needed.

***Purchase 3 or more Chameleon Hydration Systems and pay $25 each.***  


Installation Instructions:

Required tools: Hot Glue Gun, toothpick (optional)


Step 1: Using the hot glue gun (not included), secure the Big Droplet Water Station to the side of the chameleon enclosure. The Station should be located slightly below an easily accessible location for your chameleon. Your chameleon should be able to approach the Station and drink from the cup comfortably. It is important that the cup be slightly below a branch so that when your chameleon tries to get a drink, he/she is approaching from above the cup. 


Step 2: Using the toothpick or similar tool, make a hole in the top of the screen enclosure to put the drip line into and position the Ice Cube Dripper. The drip line should be located above the Big Droplet Water Station so that the water droplets drip into the cup. The drip line should be easily accessible from the branch near the water station. Your chameleon should be able to lean their head down to drink from the water station and lean their head up to drink from the drip line. Trim the drip line as necessary using standard scissors or a tubing cutter making sure to keep the edge flush to avoid any pointed/sharp edges.


Instructions for Use:


Prior to use, fill the clear cup up slightly over the edge. Try to make the water “bead” over the edge without overflowing.

Place as much ice as desired into the Ice Cube Dripper daily as desired. Over the next 2-4 hours, the water should drip slowly into the Big Droplet Water Station. Your chameleon will be attracted to the movement of the dripping and the ripples on the water station. Over time your chameleon will learn how and where to drink from. Your chameleons movement around the cage will cause slight ripples in the water cup further stimulating a drinking response. Any light breeze on the water sup such as an overhead fan will cause water movement also and stimulate drinking. 

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